Anna Kuznetsova suggested a change to the procurement of medicines for children with cancer

17 September 2021


Anna Kuznetsova, the Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights, suggested improvements for the procedure for purchasing medicines for children with cancer, which would create an opportunity to announce a competitive tender for a specific trade name. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

Kuznetsova took part in a round table discussion on the provision of medicines for children with cancer held at the United Russia site.

“It is proposed to develop a special procedure for the procurement of medicines, which provides for the possibility of declaring a tender for a trade name. In our opinion, to do that, it is necessary to supplement the list of grounds for the corresponding decision of the medical commission, except for individual intolerance or vital indications,” the ombudswoman said during the event.

It is also proposed to provide doctors with the necessary information about possible side effects of the drug or its insufficient effectiveness.

Secondly, as Anna Kuznetsova stressed, we need to develop measures to improve the mechanism for transmitting information from parents to Roszdravnadzor, registration of side effects of drugs, including by simplifying the procedures related to the establishment of unfavourable events.

The Ombudswoman previously proposed to introduce certificates for the purchase of medicines for seriously ill children.




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