The Number of Russians Ready to Be Vaccinated against Coronavirus Has Reached 42%

15 December 2020

GMP News

Results of an all-Russian poll conducted in November by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) involving more than 3,000 respondents to learn about their attitude towards vaccination against coronavirus, found 42% of respondents willing to be vaccinated in the near future. This figure was almost double that obtained by other survey companies in September-October, when similar polls recorded readiness to be vaccinated against coronavirus in 23% of respondents.

Almost two-thirds of the FOM survey participants (63%) demonstrated awareness of Sputnik V, the world’s first registered vaccine against coronavirus, and of the total number of survey participants aware of the Sputnik V vaccine, more than 75% said they followed information about its clinical trials.

Four out of five respondents (80%) who have an opinion on vaccination in general, have a positive attitude towards vaccinations and see the benefits of them. More than 56% of those surveyed are confident that vaccination against coronavirus can stop the pandemic.

The results of the survey indicate willingness to participate in vaccination – and preference towards the Russian vaccine – is quite widespread. Sustained demand will grow in the future as further empirical confirmation of the efficacy and safety of the vaccine is demonstrated, FOM experts say.

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