Vladimir Putin: Russia Now Needs a Million Doses of COVID-19 vaccine

12 October 2020

GMP News

Russia now needs a million doses of coronavirus vaccine, but it is important to establish its industrial production, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday (October 6).

“Regarding how many [doses of vaccine] we need, we need a million,” the head of state said at a meeting with the leaders of parliamentary factions.

Putin recalled that “the vaccine of the Gamaleya institute is only undergoing the third phase of verification, but it is registered and already entering into the stream of commerce.”

“Now, within the next few days, I hope, the second vaccine of the Vector Institute from Novosibirsk will also be registered,” Putin said. According to him, “all these are world high class vaccines – both the first and the second.” “I am sure there will be a third Russian vaccine soon,” he said.

According to the President, now it is a question of establishing industrial production of the vaccines.

“The fact that we cooperate with other countries does not prevent us from developing this process within the country, this is still a targeted work aimed at expanding the capabilities of our pharmaceutical industry and conducting joint work,” the President said. In his opinion, “joint work in such an important area has never hindered anyone and is only beneficial, in particular for citizens.”



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