Moscow Plans to Start Mass Vaccination against the Coronavirus at the End of the Year

08 September 2020

GMP News

Moscow plans to start mass vaccination against the coronavirus at the end of the year, the city’s Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in an interview with Channel One.

“A large-scale vaccination campaign is highly likely to take place at the end of the year or early next year,” the mayor pointed out.

He added that the post-registration trials of Russia’s coronavirus vaccine, set to begin next week, would last two to six months. Mass production of the vaccine will begin in December 2020. At first, people in risk groups will be vaccinated, including medical workers, teachers, law enforcement officers, those employed in trade, and “probably journalists,” Sobyanin specified.

“We have to bear in mind that the danger is still there. As we enter the fall and winter, there are going to be issues. However, I think it will be easier than last spring but we still need to brace ourselves for problems,” the Moscow mayor noted.

Sobyanin said earlier during an online meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that he had been vaccinated against the coronavirus.




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