The creation of an effective coronavirus vaccine is a landmark event for the entire world

13 August 2020

GMP News

The nationwide The Nation’s Health as the Foundation for a Flourishing Russia forum. Expert comments

Sergey Tsarenko, Deputy Chief Physician for Anesthesiology and Reanimation at Moscow City Hospital No. 52, Professor of the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

“So far, resistance has only been developed if a person falls sick with the disease. However, a safer option is immunization, and now, thanks to experts from the Gamaleya Institute, there is a safe and effective vaccine.

An orbital station, a strand of the coronavirus, is hooked onto the adenovirus, harmless to humans, like a launch vehicle, and it can also be launched inside the human body. After that, immunity is developed both for the “launch vehicle” and the “orbital station”. As a follow-up to this successful procedure, three weeks later the same “orbital station” is launched onto another “launch vehicle”, i.e. a different adenovirus.

Several more vector vaccines are being created across the globe, but as yet no one else has considered the possibility of using two “launch vehicles” to accomplish this goal! Moreover, the first testers were employees of the Gamaleya Institute. They are like the designers of a new bridge – they stood under this bridge while the first train was running along the track! Then the vaccine was tested on other volunteers. There was not a single complication and all participants exhibited a powerful immune response.   

Thanks to this vaccine, doctors expect that patients infected with coronavirus will finally stop appearing, so it will be possible to tackle other diseases that have not yet been declared a pandemic”.

Felix Ershov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Professor

“The creation of an effective coronavirus vaccine is a landmark event not only for Russian science and industry, but also for the entire world. Vaccination has been and remains the most effective way to combat viruses. It is now quite clear that without a vaccine, it will never be possible to completely overcome this pandemic.

By working consistently and building on previous achievements, the Gamaleya Institute managed to frame the correct operating algorithm and successfully implement it. This vaccine is not integral as was the case in earlier vaccines (live or inactivated virus). It was engineered using advanced biotechnology.

The safety of the vaccine is guaranteed, since it employs a cold virus that is harmless to humans and does not contain the coronavirus itself, while only a part of its genetic code is present, thereby ruling out the possibility of infection. But the production of antibodies necessary to protect the body is ensured, as shown not only by the test results, but also by the use of other vaccines of this type.

Bottom line: we have obtained an effective tool which is capable of winning the war against the pandemic!”

The vaccine against the coronavirus infection developed in Russia may cause certain changes in the human body but they are of short-term nature and are directed at the protection of the body, said President of Russia’s Bakulev National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery Leo Bokeria.

“Now that the vaccine is created, several people of high standing on their own initiative went to get inoculated. Of course, certain changes in the body may be expected. But on the other hand, we made sure that these are short-term changes, there is no harm in them, besides, they are meant to protect the body,” Leo Bokeria told journalists at the nationwide The Nation’s Health as the Foundation for a Flourishing Russia forum.

He stressed that the issue of inoculation will be resolved properly by the Russian healthcare system. According to him, nobody will be forced to get vaccinated. He noted that it is important to understand that after inoculation the individual may endure a light form of the infection and then will develop protection against the virus.




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