Volunteers Testing Russian Coronavirus Vaccine are Doing Well

08 July 2020

GMP News

Volunteers, who tested a vaccine against the coronavirus two weeks ago at Burdenko military hospital, are feeling well and have not experienced any side effects, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters on July 7.

Two weeks since the vaccination the second group of participants of coronavirus vaccine trials, conducted by the Russian Defense ministry jointly with the Gamalei national research Center for epidemiology and microbiology, are in stable good health, and there haven’t been any complications or side effects,” the ministry said.

The volunteers will spend two more weeks in the medical facility. “Today we took their blood samples to examine how their immunity is working,” said Svetlana Volchikhina, a co-researcher, who heads the hospital’s therapy department.

On the 21st day since the first trials the volunteers will be injected with the second component of the vaccine. A booster vaccination is expected to further increase human body’s protective functions and extend protection after an extra dose.




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