Sergey Tsyb: The Number of API Manufacturers in Russia Has Grown by 80% in Five Years

25 June 2020

GMP News

The number of production sites manufacturing pharmaceutical substances in Russia has reached 95, having increased by almost 80% between 2015 and 2019, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Sergey Tsyb shared during the conference “Pharmaceutical Industry in 2020” on June 17.

In the five-year period between 2015 and 2019, the nomenclature of bioactive substances produced in Russia increased by 60%, and the number of Russian manufacturing sites specializing in pharmaceutical substances by nearly 80%. The expanded manufacturing capabilities allow for deeper localization of production and make it possible to regulate medication costs throughout the production cycle, improving the competitiveness of Russian companies.

According to Tsyb, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry together with FSI SID & GP and other market operators is carrying out a comprehensive review of pharmaceuticals from the list of essential drugs that are not produced in Russia to identify prospects for import replacement. “We are analyzing our national technological capabilities with a view to organize the production of these medications in Russia,” Tsyb said.

The state program Pharma-2020 has created the foundation for domestic production of medications and pharmaceutical substances. The strategy Pharma-2030 is also focused on fostering the production of bioactive substances in Russia. According to Tsyb, the draft strategy has been submitted for approval is currently pending suggestions from the Government of the Russian Federation.




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