In Russia are Being Developed Nanofibers for Medical Masks

07 May 2020

GMP News

A group of scientists from Russia’s Krasnodar Region invented a nanofiber material for production of medical masks and respirator disposable filters that is more effective for prevention of the coronavirus spread than normal cloth, Dmitry Lopatin, a team representative, told.

“We have begun our research in late March: kerosene soot particles have the same size as the coronavirus. We tested both the normal cloth used in mask production and our nanofibers for absorption. Currently, we look into two possible applications of our nanofibers for coronavirus prevention: production of medical masks – we already negotiate with two mask makers – or they could also be used in the disposable respirator filters,” Lopatin said.

He explained that these nanofibers are more effective at stopping the coronavirus-sized particles than cloth. According to the researcher, after the epidemic is over, the nanofibers could be used in water purification systems.




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