By April 30, Russia Will Be Presented with a Report on the Development of COVID-19 Vaccine

29 April 2020

GMP News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to submit a report by April 30 on the plan of developing coronavirus vaccines, the Kremlin press office reported.

“The government shall submit a scheduled plan for developing vaccines to prevent the novel coronavirus infection and carrying out the state registration of these vaccines using the accelerated procedure and launching them into industrial production,” the document reads.

April 30, 2020 is stipulated as the deadline for fulfilling the Russian president’s instruction.

The Russian government has also been instructed to take measures based on the available international experience for the pharmacological disease prevention among medical workers and other persons who have contacts with novel coronavirus patients. The government is required to submit a report on this issue to the president by May 15.

The Russian president also instructed the Health Ministry to ensure that professional medical non-profit organizations work out and approve clinical recommendations for treating the coronavirus taking into account the available experience of providing aid to patients infected with this disease, the document says.




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