Russian Coronavirus Vaccine to Be Tested on Lab Animals

23 March 2020

GMP News

Novosibirsk’s Vector Institute, which has developed a prototype of the coronavirus vaccine, will test it first on the most sensitive lab animals – lower primates and ferrets, Vector Institute Deputy Chairwoman on Research Yelena Gavrilova said on TV.

Earlier reports indicated that Vector has developed a prototype coronavirus vaccine. Now, it will be tested on the sensitive lab animals. It would allow determining the most effective dosage, frequency and administration method of the vaccine.

“Currently, we have both vaccines based on known recombinant viruses and synthetic vaccine, developed on six separate technological platforms. We have already began experiments on animal lab models. Immediately after we got our hands on the living virus, we conducted studies on getting sensitive lab models, which turned out to be ferrets and lower primates. Now that we have vaccine prototypes, we test them on the lab animals,” Gavrilova said.



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