Large medical and pharmaceutical facilities to open in Moscow region

20 January 2020

GMP News

At present, a medical and pharmaceutical cluster is developing in the Moscow Region. In this regard, there are plans to build several major medical and pharmaceutical facilities in the region over the next few years. Yet in 2020-2021 five investment projects will be implemented in the Moscow region, the total investment for the projects exceeds RUB18 million.

Thus, there are plans to build a surgical complex and above-ground car park as part of the existing clinical hospital in Odintsovo in 2020. Also, in 2020 Protvino will be become home to the Radioisotope Nuclear Medicine Centre in order to organise the production of strontium-82-based pharmaceutical substance.

In addition, a complex for the production of medicines from human blood plasma with the processing capacity of 150 metric tons per year will be completed in Dubna. The production site is to be developed in the Bogorodsky District.

In 2021, there are plans to create a multifunctional consulting and diagnostic healthcare center with temporary stay premises (apartments) in Krasnogorsk.

The Moscow Region is one of the leading regions in terms of developing the healthcare industry due to the state support provided by the Moscow Region Development Corporation.

“The medical and pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly in the Moscow region. Over the last two years, several major healthcare and pharmaceutical production facilities have been opened in the region, and four facilities are to be launched in 2020. We can assume that new plants and research centers will contribute to the development of the consumer market for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector,” Moscow Region Development Corporation Deputy Director General Alexander Fedorov said.



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