Mendeleev Valley Innovation Scientific and Technological Center is being created in Moscow

10 January 2020

GMP News

According to the documents signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on December 24, the Innovative Scientific and Technological Center Mendeleev Valley is being created, in order to implement the priorities of scientific and technological development of Russia and increase the investment attractiveness of research and development.

The decision about the creation of the Innovative Scientific and Technological Center Mendeleev Valley was accepted by the Proposition № 1805.

The fields of concern of scientific and technological activities of the Centre, the procedure for carrying out activities in its facilities and land plots included in the Centre’s borders have been defined. Fields of concern include:

Medical activities in the Center’s facilities are carried out by medical organizations and other organizations which belong to the private health care system and they do not need to obtain licenses for relevant activities.

The appointment of Evgeniy Aleksandrovich Tonevetskiy as the General Director of the Fund was approved by Order № 3153-r.

The fund of development of the Innovative Scientific and Technological Centre Mendeleev Valley is defined as the fund which is carrying out property, organizational, scientific and methodical, expert and analytical maintenance of activity of the Centre. Its unique founder is the university.




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