17 Drugs Registered in the Russian Federation, including Generic Pomalidomide

20 November 2019

GMP News

The Russian Ministry of Health approved the first generic immunomodulator pomalidomide for the treatment of orphan disease – multiple myeloma. Information on this is available on the website of the State register of registered drugs in Russia (SRRD). The first generic of the choleretic drug gimecromona was also approved.

Two fixed combinations of the antimicrobial drugs ornidazole + ciprofloxacin and the antihypertensive drugs amlodipine + valsartan were registered. In total, according to the SRRD data, in the first two weeks of November, 17 drugs were registered:

Orcepol VM (ornidazole + ciprofloxacin), Terbinafine (terbinafine), Pomalidomide-TL (pomalidomide), Abacavir (abacavir), Furacilin-Alium (nitrofuran), Yopamiskan (yopamidol), Emopag (ethylmethylhydroxypyridine acetylglutaminate), Valz Combi (amlodipine + valsartan), Desloratadine Velfarm, Gimekromon-SZ (Gimekromon), Rimantadine” (rimantadine), Hydrochlorothiazide + Losartan (hydrochlorothiazide + losartan), Cetirizine (cetirizine), Neuropol (citicoline), Naphthyzine (naphazoline), Heli-stop (bismuth tripotassium dicitrate), Rosuvastatin (rosuvastatin).



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