NovaMedica receives a license for production site at its R&D center

20 October 2017

GMP News

NovaMedica received a license for a pilot production site at its R&D center. This was announced by Alexander Kuzin, the General Director of the company.

“This will allow to develop new products up to a commercial lot by using the same equipment and avoiding a long-term technology transfer,” said Alexander Kuzin.

Mr. Kuzin also said that the license will allow to use the R&D center not only for developing in-house designs but also for performing contract orders by attracting other companies to the pilot site. He added that the negotiations are currently under way with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

According to Mr. Kuzin, three more product cases for five projects under development were defended at the meeting of the Board of Directors held a few days ago.

NovaMedica began its R&D works at the center as early as this spring. The center includes a lab complex for research, analytics and a pilot production site. The manufacturing is focused, among other things, on creating combined medicinal forms, such as capsules and microtablets. The company puts its hopes on competitive forms of drug delivery and a unique drug release profile.

NovaMedica is involved in the development of combined and modified generics. Part of these works began earlier on European sites, where it was possible to use sophisticated technologies. After the launch of R&D center, all development activities were transferred to Russia.




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