Omega Pharma launches Benegast line in Russia

03 February 2015

OTC Bulletin

Omega Pharma launches Benegast line in Russia

Omega Pharma's Benegast portfolio of OTC gastrointestinal products is now available in Russia, after the Belgian firm signed a distribution agreement with NovaMedica.

Under the terms of the agreement, NovaMedica has gained the exclusive rights to promote, distribute and sell three Benegast products - Rcduflux for heartburn; Redugas for flatulence; and Regulamine for regular bowel activity - in the country.

Noting that the Benegast line was now available in Russian pharmacies. NovaMedica said that the launch would be accompanied by a “national advertising campaign".

Sergey Beloborodov, NovaMedica's executive director, said following the success of Benegast in European markets - such as Belgium and France - the time was ripe for a "fast-track launch" of the brand in Russia.

"This is the first umbrella-brand solution to address the most common symptoms in gastroenterology and we are confident of its commercial success,” Beloborodov noted.

Partnering with Omega was “in line with NovaMedica’s strategy”. Beloborodov explained, and its commitment to “delivering innovative treatments” to people experiencing gastrointestinal problems.

NovaMedica's strategy was focused on four key therapeutic areas - gastroenterology, ophthalmology, pain management and women's health - a spokesperson for the company told OTC bulletin, adding that the Benegast line would join the firm's existing portfolio of OTC and prescription ophthalmic products.

Irina Moustiatsa, country manager of Omega Pharma Russia said the company's agreement with NovaMedica would allow Russians to gain access to the “innovative" Benegast line of products. which had “serious market potential" in the country.

Belgium's Omega is set to be snapped up by US store-brand specialist Perrigo in a deal worth €3.6 billion (OTC bulletin).



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