NovaMedica and UNIPHARM to localize the production of Melaxen in Russia at the capacities of the R&D Center NovaMedica Innotech

25 July 2019

Russian pharmaceutical company NovaMedica and US-based Unipharm have launched a joint project to localize in Russia the production of Melaxen®, a drug that improves the sleep/wake cycle. Volumes are expected to reach hundreds of thousands of units per year, which will be sufficient to fully meet the needs of patients living in the territory of the EAEU.

This is the first time that Unipharm has decided to localize one of its portfolio products in Russia. For NovaMedica Innotech, it means an important big long-term contract for commercial manufacturing with an international partner.

NovaMedica Innotech will begin the transfer of technology and quality control methods for Melaxen immediately. Then, after the necessary regulatory procedures take place, the full manufacturing cycle of the finished dosage form will be set up at the R&D center’s facilities. Doctors and patients in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union will have access to Russian-made Melaxen as early as in 2020.

“We know how scrupulous Unipharm is about the quality of its products and how carefully it approached the selection of a partner for contract manufacturing in Russia. This is why we are proud that their choice was in favor of our professionalism, flexibility and technological capacities”, says Alexander Rudko, head of the R&D Center NovaMedica Innotech.

Unipharm Russia CEO Nikolai Anischenko emphasizes that, “for our company, the decision to localize is a strategic step. It is fully in line with our long-term development plans, both in Russia and in the EAEU space. Our partnership with NovaMedica Innotech will help improve the access to modern healthcare, provide Russians with high-quality, modern and affordable products, and create new jobs”.

About the companies:

NovaMedica Innotech (100% subsidiary of NovaMedica) is a fast-developing Russian pharmaceutical R&D center opened in April 2017 in Technopolis Moscow. The company specializes in the development, launch and production of innovative, competitive and effective drug products, and provides the full range of services in the pharmaceutical market in compliance with the Russian and EAEU GMP requirements. NovaMedica Innotech has unique research and manufacturing equipment that allows modifying pharmacological properties of drugs, changing their bioavailability and other characteristics of active ingredients, or combining several active ingredients in one form, as well as ensuring commercial manufacturing at the company’s own capacities. Many of the technologies used by the R&D center currently have no equals in the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

The manufacturing and laboratory capacities of NovaMedica Innotech make it possible to scale processes, transfer technologies, produce samples for clinical trials, and carry out commercial manufacturing of solid dosage forms.

Unipharm, Inc. (USA) is a private pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, manufacturing and sales of high-quality drug products and nutritional supplements. Since its creation in 1992, the corporation has been actively growing to become of the leaders in the OTC market, providing millions of consumers in various countries with quality drugs and nutritional products.

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