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The Russian pharmaceutical market represents one of the most exciting investment opportunities available. In contrast to many areas of the world today, the Russian economy is booming, growing double digits, and expected to continue at this pace over the next decade. In fact, the CEBR World Economic League Table forecasts Russia to overtake most of the emerging markets by 2020, 4th only behind the US, China, and Japan.

This growth is being fueled by the Russian Government’s dedication to the maturing of the Pharma market through the implementation of a drug reimbursement system. The total Russian government health expenditures are expected US $0.8 trn - 0.96 trn per year.  

One of the key steps in realising this vision was the formation of the collaboration between the Russian State owned venture capitalist group RUSNANO and the Amercian venture capital group Domain Accociates. The partners have committed to invest $760 Million in emerging life sciences technology companies. NovaMedica is key to this vision, formed to exclusively commercialize highly innovative products coming from this collaboration which have significant application for patient populations in Russia. 

With many products set to move into NovaMedica from the Domain family of companies, we believe NovaMedica is uniquely positioned to facilitate innovative drug development and accelerate corporate growth. As the “partner of choice” for Russia, we are also open to a select group of corporate partnerships for those companies who wish to take advantage of this exciting, growing emerging market.

We seek innovative products, small molecules, device, or diagnostic in the areas of:

1.       Cardiovascular

2.       Orthopedics

3.       Pediatrics / Woman’s Health

4.       GI

5.       Ophthalmology

6.       CN

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