Tapped density tester

Tapped density tester.

Manufacturer: ERWEKA (Germany)

Model: SVM 223

Technological description.

The ERWEKA Tapped Density Tester, SVM series, allows to measure tapped volume and tapped density of powders, granules and free-flowing products. This tester model is available for holding two glass cylinders which allows to use two test methods simultaneously: one station operates in accordance with the USP method 1 (300 strokes/min; stroke height 14 mm) and the second station operates in accordance with the USP method 2 (250 strokes/min; stroke height 3 mm), which are similar to the EP, ├ď XIII (SPh XIII) and DIN ISO EN 787/11 requirements.

The device is equipped with 100 and 250 ml glass cylinders for the test stations.

The tester is complete with an acoustic hood providing for the noise protection in the course of an experiment.

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