NovaMedica and S.Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery ComplexHave Signed a Cooperation Agreement on Localizing Innovative Ophthalmic Treatment Technologies in Russia

05 June 2013


MOSCOW--(BUSINESS WIRE)--S.Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex Federal State Institution and NovaMedica (a pharmaceutical subsidiary of RUSNANO and Domain Associates) have signed an agreement that covers cooperation on localization of innovative ophthalmic products and technologies sourced from around the globe to be developed and produced in Russia.

“We hope that our joint work with NovaMedica will turn into a ‘bridge’ whereby we would be able to build a process chain for ‘bringing’ such innovations to Russia.”

In the context of this partnership, the parties intend to jointly examine the Russian ophthalmology market and identify areas with unmet needs and insufficient therapies for patients. To address these opportunities, experts on either side will jointly monitor global innovative research and development products to be localized in Russia by NovaMedica.

In addition, S.Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex and NovaMedica intend to jointly organize peer reviews, provide support for clinical trials for registration of such products and equipment within Russia.

First, about 10 new products and technologies pre-selected by the NovaMedica expert team in the course of the NovaMedica product portfolio definition exercise will be examined for prospective entry into the Russian market. These include innovative treatments for glaucoma, myopia, presbyopia, keratoconjunctivitis and relapsing epithelial keratitis, retinopathy, a method for keratoconus and corneal ectasia, anterior and posterior eye treatment, plus new anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics.

Subsequently, specific action plans, to be laid down in standalone contracts, will be developed with regard to each of the selected projects.

“Given the wide range of new technologies that are being developed simultaneously worldwide, we expect that this agreement with NovaMedica will help us give Russian patients a chance of quickly accessing new and more effective treatments,” says Alexander Chukhraev, General Director of S.Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex. “We hope that our joint work with NovaMedica will turn into a ‘bridge’ whereby we would be able to build a process chain for ‘bringing’ such innovations to Russia.”

“To us, S.Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex is a landmark partner; we are grateful to our colleagues for this opportunity of working together to develop the ophthalmic sector of the Russian healthcare system,” – emphasizes Fabrice Egros, NovaMedica CEO. “Who but the market leader could help us properly assess the sector’s unmet needs in Russia? We hope that through our joint efforts, we will be in a position to understand, meet and address patients unmet needs efficiently and rapidly.”



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