In line with Distribution Contract with S.I.F.I. S.p.A. (SIFI) (Italy) signed in March 2014, NovaMedica has obtained exclusive rights for commercialization of ophthalmological portfolio products in Russia and CIS.  More information abot the agreement ... 

Currently, this segment of NovaMedica’s portfolio is represented by the following products:

ColbiocinTM – eye ointment, combined antimicrobial Rx product for local administration in ophthalmology.

Lacrisifi®, eye drops – Rx product used in therapy of dry eye syndrome.

Mirtilene ForteTM – capsules with high concentration of active ingredients (blueberry anthocyanosides), facilitate improvement of functional state of eye retina in patients with myopia, diabetes and night vision adaptation disorder. The product improves sensitivity to light intensity changes, facilitates vision acuity improvement and night vision adaptation, and facilitates improvement of retina blood supply. Indications: moderate and severe myopia, acquired hemeralopia, diabetic retonopathy, night vision adaptation disorder (night and twilight vision), muscular asthenopia, Junius-Kuhnt central atherosclerotic retinal degeneration, tapetoretina degeneration (pigmentary degeneration of retina).

Nettacin®– eye drops, antibacterial Rx product for local administration in ophthalmology.

OctiliaTM – vasoconstrictor eye drops with natural components (linden and chamomile water), provides fast and mild relief of eye irritation and redness, relief of eyelid swelling caused by inflammation, allergy, negative environment factors or working at computer. Octilia may be used in complex therapies of ophthalmologic diseases accompanied by irritation caused by allergic reaction, chemical or physical factors (smoke, dust, intensive light, light reflection from snow or water surface, computer screen radiation).

All products passed Clinical Trials and registered in Russia.



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