Solutions for patients and their families

NovaMedica is committed to driving optimal health outcomes for patients and their families  by developing a total, holistic, “joined-up-thinking” solution for each therapeutic area we address to include not just our core prescription specialty medicines but also medical devices, services and other innovative products and processes with a track record of success outside Russia and the CIS. In addition, our focus in each therapeutic area solution will be the entire patient lifecycle, starting with prevention, symptoms and diagnosis all the way through to treatment and long-term care management, because we know a patient’s disease journey can be long and complicated.  We will be actively searching for opportunities to collaborate “beyond medicine” with the owners of any idea, tool or technology that helps patients, family members and caregivers to improve the patient’s quality of life and achieve a better outcome in any given therapeutic area, including key co-morbidities. We will also be seeking to actively engage Russian and CIS patient communities to better understand unmet needs in each therapeutic area we address, for example by:

At the end of the day, we believe in NovaMedica that making the right marketing decisions and investments relies on asking patients and their families the right questions and allowing their insights to inform strategy at all levels. These questions include: What drives the patient to the doctor? Will the “political” voice of the patient support access to therapy? What patient pathways allow optimal access to therapy? What is the patient experience like? Which specific therapy issues relating to treatment satisfaction need to be addressed? What patient attitudes and beliefs impact adherence? Most of all, how can we at NovaMedica, working together with Domain Associates and our other key partners, make a lasting and positive difference on these issues in Russia? For NovaMedica, this is an example of what “innovation for health” is all about.



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