ReVision Optics and NovaMedica Sign Commercial Agreement to Market and Distribute Raindrop Vision Correction Technology in Russia

02 August 2013

EyeWire Today

NovaMedica, a Russian pharmaceutical and medical device company, and ReVision Optics, Inc., the US developer of the innovative refractive surgery solution against presbyopia, Raindrop Near Vision Corneal Inlay, have signed an agreement to commercialize this technology in Russia.

Under the agreement, NovaMedica will obtain exclusive rights to distribute this technology in Russia and other CIS countries. ReVision Optics retains the rights to commercialize this technology in other countries worldwide. Partners are also contemplating working together on other future projects.

"We are very pleased with this new alliance between ReVision Optics and NovaMedica. This will seed our ophthalmology surgery franchise in Russia/CIS with a great innovator from Southern California,“ said Fabrice Egros, COO of NovaMedica. “By commercializing this technology our partner ReVision will gain access to the dynamic Russian market as it launches its product in the United States, and Russian patients will have the opportunity to be treated with this new vision improvement technology.”

“We are delighted with our partnership with NovaMedica, as this agreement and their knowledge of the Russian/CIS market supports our mission of actively pursuing worldwide market opportunities for Raindrop to provide a viable alternative to the millions and millions of people around the world who want to eliminate their reliance on their reading glasses,” said John Kilcoyne, CEO and President of ReVision Optics.

Raindrop™ Near Vision Corneal Inlay is a microscopic hydrogel inlay designed to correct presbyopia, thus reducing or even eliminating the need for reading glasses. Raindrop™ is placed just beneath the surface of the non-dominant eye during a five-minute procedure. It is comprised of approximately 80% water and therefore has a refractive index very similar to the cornea. The inlay gently produces a smooth variation in focal power across the pupil by microscopically altering the surface shape of the cornea. It is as transparent as natural tears, and therefore does not restrict the amount of light reaching the retina. The gentle reshaping of the anterior curvature of the cornea provides for a natural restoration of near and intermediate vision.

Presbyopia is considered to be a natural part of the aging process and is believed to be caused by the gradual loss of elasticity of the eye’s lens, which decreases the ability to focus up close. The first symptoms usually occur between the ages of 40 and 50.

ReVision Optics has recently completed patient enrollment in its US Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) clinical trial designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Raindrop Near Vision Inlay in improving near vision in patients with presbyopia and is now in the process of gathering follow-up data to submit to the U.S. FDA for approval. 

Clinical trials and the registration of the technology will be conducted in Russia at the earliest possible time and in strict accordance with the targets and priorities set out in the Russian government’s strategy Pharma-2020.




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